MAKEUP THAT COVERS THE LOOK OF MELASMA APPLIED IN LESS THAN 2 MINUTES!!! 1. Throw out your old foundation and invest in a lighter shade than your natural skin tone of Revlon colorstay and apply with fingers not sponges…too many extra steps for same effect. 2. Powder is for your butt, not your face! Buy some cheap bronzer, they make it in the lightest shades as well. On foundation based skin apply a light shade of bronzer, then apply contrasting darker bronzer, you will not mess it up! It’s really that easy!!! Less than 2 minutes a day, my makeup takes about 1 minute and that includes mascara on my eyelashes and eyebrows. Stop listening to makeup artists. Stop buying over priced beauty products unless it shampoo and conditioner. L.A. colors; please restock the Dollar tree in punta Gorda Florida with my favorite bronzer book palettes. Best bronzer ever. NOT ONLY WILL YOUR SKIN LOOK FLAWLESS, YOUR MAKEUP HAS SPF, IS WATERPROOF, SWEATPROOF AND WILL LOOK FRESH AND NATURAL TIL THE NEXT DAY SO YOU DO NOT NEED TO CARRY THE STUFF IN YOUR PURSE! TRUTH!

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Hello people! Please bear with me as I slowly add interesting content. This is a journey for me. I hope you all are feeling good and ready to input some of your tricks of the trade, as well as share your experiences with me, as I do with you. It’s a pleasure having you copilot me as I steer and veer into random topics and catch me if I have a slip of the wheel. Off to the races!