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So I dabble with some apps to make a little extra cheddar each month. One of my favorite ways to earn a little extra money is with my numerous receipt apps!

I have many different ones, and the beauty of alot of th<a href="http://”>http://&lt;iframe scrolling=&quot;no&quot; frameborder=&quot;0&quot; src=&quot;;mode=widget&quot; style=&quot;overflow:hidden;width:324px;height:470px;&quot;&gt;&lt;/iframe&gt;em is that you can get paid multiple times for a single receipt. Some of my apps are purely receipt apps; I like to do rebates as well so I have some of those too. With the rebate apps, you do not have to buy any of the offers, you can still submit any item grocery receipts and still make money. On fetch, get points for any grocery receipt, up to 14 a week, and Ibotta will pay you 20 cents to 75 cents every 2 days for an any item redemptions.

I use Receipt Hog, Receipt pal, Coinout, and SB answer which is a Swagbucks app for all of my receipts in general. These are all really great apps and do payout. One app on probation with me is Shopper Coin. I never received my $25 giftcards so beware of that one. When it comes to basic grocery receipt entries on rebate apps, check out fetch; now with fetch pay, as well as Ibotta. I make an average of 8 cents to 80 cents on each receipt not including rebates. The 80 cents is a rarity but is possible.

Here is a link to sign up with Swagbucks, then get the SB answer app. YOU WILL MAKE A HIGH SIGN ON BONUS WITH THIS LINK


Check out Fetch Rewards. Turn any grocery receipt into savings! Use my referral code, H6EWR, during signup and you’ll get 2,000 Fetch Points just for starting. Download here:

Here is a sign up code for Coinout.

And here is a referral link for Ibotta to get you a good sign on bonus.

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