I have not done anything physically strenuous in years, but today my sister picked me up to go kayaking. I want to lose some weight so I was all over that opportunity, so me, my sister, and my son embarked on an adventure where we had to work to get to our paradise. This was my first time kayaking more than just a retention pond so I mentally prepared myself and we headed into the river with vigor. I amazingly kept up pretty well, although I did lag a little from taking pictures of various scenes. We passed by sunken boats, overgrown tiny islands that looked inaccessible, and eventually started creeping up to this little stretch of island that had tents set up, children jumping from ropes, families letting their youngins take the family boat out by themselves, and most importantly, an empty spot cleared except for very strategically placed palm trees…perfect for hammocks which we had on us. Back in the day, we would have been swimming the whole time, but in this day of technology, people would die without their phones. This proved to be true as my sister and son got in the hammocks and did their digital things for hours. I forgot to charge my phone and took pictures that drained it further, so I had to make my own fun doing something else. I sat in the shallows and got a wave pool action Everytime a boat passed by. There are Gators in that water so I did not feel like taking a chance by swimming, and besides that I am terrified of live fish as well…I don’t like them touching me. Fish are freakishly strong and give me the willies, but I do like some seafood. It was just so relaxing my body became one with the sand. We stayed on that tiny islands til our skin burned, and what took an hour and a half to get there, the way back took much less effort and time. It was like a vacation for a day. I live in Florida, yes, but life? Mostly keep indoors to avoid the heat. I will say this, it was almost 92 degrees today, yet there were so many strong cross breezes, I really did not notice that it was hot. When I finally got home and stripped off my wet clothes, I discovered something unsightly on my body….see last pic. Moral of this story, charge my phone so I won’t have to play alone in the water and stay in the shade in a hammock like the other two so I won’t get a fudged up tan…It just ain’t right.

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